Hello, I’m Laura.

How are you?

Thanks for visiting. The short(ish) version of my bio goes something like:

I’m a writer and communications consultant.

I spent several years living in London, UK and Sydney, Australia, where I worked on major PR campaigns for brands including LEGO, Red Bull and Samsung.

I learned a lot (and had a bloomin’ good time), but always had a hankering to do my own thing.

In 2012, I left Sydney and returned to the UK. I set up my own consultancy, Autumn Comms, advising and creating content for Hull UK City of Culture 2017, Freedom Festival, Timewise, Invisible Dust and more.

I’m passionate about uncovering the stories behind brands and businesses and telling those stories in a human way.

I love to write: I’ve written for HuffPost, I wrote a weekly column in Hull Daily Mail for four years and write a monthly column for parenting site Britmums.

I also write a blog called Only Teethin’, offering advice on starting and growing your own business and featuring articles on ‘life, motherhood + finding success on your own terms’ (as the tagline goes).

And towards the end of 2018, I set up a network for women who are building their own businesses/projects/side-hustles, called The Standout Set – read more on that HERE.

You can read more about my work here, and if you’d like the longer version of my bio, get in touch and let’s have a chat.