O’Diary 21 July: Donut Danger

It’s been a long old week at O’D Towers. Junior’s been a bit under the weather and everyone’s been a bit hot and bothered. Still, the week improved dramatically when a friend visited, armed with custard donuts. How had I reached the grand old age of 21 – ahem – having never experienced the joy of a custard donut? I’m addicted. I’m now worried that Mr O’Diary will arrive home one day to find me buried under a donut mountain, my considerably-larger-than-before arm poking out, limp but still clinging to a delicious custard treat. Maybe I’ll try not to eat any donuts today.

I’ve clearly had far too much sugar already, but I’m hoping to squeeze in another trip to Bert’s Pizzeria soon for a delicious gelato. I’m giving Bert’s the benefit of the doubt, despite some bad reviews and our own experience of below-par service last Sunday. Hopefully they’ll sort it out. The food is top-notch, and the restaurant – which overlooks The Deep – is a really lovely addition to this fabulous area.

If ever there was evidence of my waning street cred – aside from using the term ‘street cred’ – it’s that my interest was piqued more by Leo Sayer than by Chase and Status when I looked at next week’s gig listings. My internal dialogue: “Leo Sayer? You cannot mention him. But ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ is a cracker though. And hasn’t he got nice hair?” Anyway, Mr Sayer is performing on Thursday at Cottingham Civic Hall, while Chase and Status are DJing at Zebedee’s Yard on Friday.

If you Feel Like Dancing before Thursday, then there’s only one place to be today. Hull Pride is taking place in Queens Gardens and will be one heck of a party. Nadine Coyle – the one who could sing in Girls Aloud – is headlining but there’ll be a whole host of fabulous entertainment from local artists and groups. Celebrations kick off at midday with a parade starting at Hull College.

Festival season in the city is now well underway and next Friday is the start of another brilliant one. Hull Folk and Maritime Festival will run across the Marina area again with tons of live music, folk dancing and general merriment. I wonder if there’ll be any donut stalls? Have a wonderful week.