O’Diary 28 July: Trapeze Demons

Happy Saturday, dear readers. We’re heading to Leeds this weekend to catch up with friends, as well as popping to the Folk and Maritime Festival on the Marina. We’re also going shoe shopping for Junior. Wild times, eh? The littlest O’D is now fully mobile after he tottered across the living room for the first time last week, looking not unlike me after a gin or ten.

As a boy-about-town-in-training, it’s imperative that Junior is properly suited and booted for his next social events, such as the National Playday in Queens Gardens on Wednesday. This sounds great: a free day of entertainment celebrating the 250th birthday of the circus. There will be circus skills workshops, face painting and den building.

As Junior’s still a bit young for circus skills, will I be allowed to participate in his place, I wonder? I still have flashbacks to when I went on a trapeze once, and unintentionally ended up dangling off it by one leg. Which sounds impressive, but the reality was quite different. A natural I was not.

Unsurprisingly, I feel I need to exorcise my trapeze demons – now there’s a sentence – before I can ever fully enjoy the film The Greatest Showman. The musical is being screened at the outdoor cinema at Craven Park on August 10th, and is already sold out. Fear not though, Showman fans – there’s a singalong screening being held at Middleton Hall on September 20th. I’m currently warbling ‘This is Me’ several times a day in preparation.

The grassroots success story that is Humber Street Sesh is almost upon us again and gets underway on Friday. Junior will probably sit this one out; last year, he screamed his way through our entire visit, which lasted all of 45 minutes. I think he’d spotted the size of the bar queues.

The festival is bigger than ever this time around – running across Friday night and all day Saturday – so hopefully that means the bar provision will be too. Advance tickets are still available; it’s advised that you don’t leave it to pay on the day as it’s going to get very busy indeed. Stay cool, and have a wonderful week.