The Standout Set

Hello, and welcome to THE STANDOUT SET.

The Standout Set was born with the aim of helping extraordinary, standout women get to where they want to be.

Sound good? Then let me tell you more…

I love running my own business.

I can chat until the cows come home about how becoming my own boss was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Yet I’ve found that being a #GIRLBOSS (#OLDLADYBOSS?) can also be tough at times.

It can be lonely, and sometimes difficult to find the motivation to grow your business without being troubled by that destructive ol’ blighter, self-doubt.

The Standout Set aims to obliterate these rubbish bits* of running a business or of launching a ‘side-hustle’.

Through the power of COMMUNITY and COLLABORATION, it’ll help you focus more on the good stuff to create your own amazing version of success.

Are you in?


The Standout Set is…a place to overcome hurdles, test ideas and achieve your goals

My aim for The Standout Set is to help each other overcome what we think are limits in our businesses – and in life.

Starting as a closed Facebook group, The Standout Set will expand in 2019 to offer practical workshops, expert Q&As, coaching opportunities and much more.

It’s a place to share the good bits of our projects and any struggles we might be facing – and to support each other to just DO THE DAMN THING, ALREADY, as they say.

To encourage each other to be the Biggest Badass Businessladies in all the land**.


The Standout Set is…a personal cheerleading squad 

(for people suspicious of cheerleaders)

Initially, The Standout Set aims to bring together entrepreneurial women in or near my hometown of Hull, East Yorkshire.

While TSS is an inclusive online community, I’ve created it with this local female audience in mind.

There’s a plethora of fantastic new businesses springing up here, all run by brilliant women.

Yet I believe that many of us Hull folks are not great at acknowledging how fantastic we truly are, nor at promoting our standout work.

We’re humble and self-deprecating and often far too modest; they’re admirable qualities, sure, but they’re not always that helpful when trying to launch a kick-ass empire.

And I think this is often particularly true for us ladies.

So until we’re better at cheerleading for ourselves, how about we shake our pom-poms for each other?

And yes I have just cringed at that last line.

(Note: if you’re Hull-based, also check out The Rebel Girls Club, which is doing an awesome job in celebrating and cheering on local women.)


Come join the community

The Standout Set is for you if:

– you’re just starting out in business

– you’ve been in business for a while but would like to connect with more like-minds – preferably without having to do any soul-crushing traditional networking

– you’ve got yourself a nice little ‘side-hustle’/ a creative hobby to make money, and wonder how you could grow it or even turn it into a full-time job

– you’ve got a stellar idea for a business / side-hustle and would like some guidance to make it happen

– you’re considering a move into a new industry and/or self-employment and wondering if you should take a leap – and what you’ll do once you leap

– you’re juggling parenting and business – or thinking of starting a business after having kids

It might also be for you if you actually really like your current job, and want to progress in your company but you know you have more to offer and want to feel more confident at work.


How to join and what you’ll get

Simply click on this link to join the group and become part of the community, where you’ll get access to:

– regular prompts to help with accountability to help you achieve your goals

–  tons of free resources and recommendations to help grow your business

– a sounding-board of like-minds to use whenever you’re facing a particular challenge, or want to float a new idea

– a ready-made network of amazing women who are likely to tell their own friends/family/everyone about YOUR fabulous goods/services

– a regular newsletter featuring more tips and free resources to help you get to where you want to be


You’ll also be the first to hear of our exciting 2019 plans, which include:

– practical workshops

– ‘networking’ events that, unlike some traditional networking events, will not make you feel as if you are selling your soul to the devil

– socials

– coaching

– co-working opportunities

and much more.

I hope to see you there x


*I’m afraid you’ll still have to sort your own tax return though, sorry.

**My Hull-ness means I don’t usually use phrases like ‘Biggest Badass Businessladies in all the land’ but maybe I should start??

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